Floral Design Pathway

Our Floral Design Pathway offers a 3 year course sequence for students who wish to gain the knowledge and skill of floral arranging, marketing and retail.

Suggested Floral Design Course Sequence
Foundational Course (Year 1)Floral Design
Concentrator Course (Year 2)Advanced Floral Design (NEW 2018-19)
Capstone Course (Year 3)Floral Design Internship (NEW 2019-20)


What it is:

The LHS Floral Subscription, allows a real life floral shop experience for our floral students. The more subscriptions we have to fill, the better access to flowers we can provide to our students. We currently have around 120 floral students! Subscribers will receive up to 4 arrangements throughout the semester. ALL proceeds benefit the LHS Floral Design Pathway.

How it works:

Once orders and payments are received, subscribers will be notified via email when their arrangements will be ready for pickup. If subscribers have a student at LHS, they may pickup the arrangement for them, or subscribers can pick them up in person between 3:30 and 4pm on pickup day from Room 2 at LHS. Once the arrangements are signed for, they are yours to enjoy!


Subscriptions for the Spring Semester are $15 each. Orders and Payment for the 2018 Spring semester MUST be received by January 26th, 2018. Please complete the online survey below AND download the form to indicate which arrangements you will be purchasing. Payment and order form must be taken to Lincoln High School main office. We accept cash or check (made payable to LHS). Please include the bottom of this form with payment in a envelope. ALL proceeds benefit the LHS Floral Design Pathway.

Questions about this program? Please email Mrs. Armistead @ jarmistead@wpusd.k12.ca.us