FFA Fair Information

Welcome! Thank you for considering being an FFA Fair Supporter!

Each year our students sell animals at our local fairs to raise money for college and future career readiness. This is a great way to support our youth and a great tax write off for your business!

Interested in Becoming a Buyer?

Each prospective buyer receives a buyer’s credential for admission to the Fair. Upon arrival, please register at the Sales Ring to receive your buyer’s number and sale order instructions. The sale order lists all the animals, in order of sale, their weight, and exhibitor. As each animal comes into the ring, the auctioneer will ask for bids in cents or dollars per pound.

If you are the highest bidder, you will be asked to sign the sales slip and select on of two methods for processing of your animal: (1) Custom: have the animal processed for your home, cut wrapped for freezing. (2) Resale: Consign the animal to a commercial packer for resale at market price. You will be billed the difference between auction price and market price.

Did you know there are other ways to support FFA members at fair?

If your organization wants to help, yet has no use for an animal, buy one at the auction then resell it at market price to a commercial packer. The difference between the auction price and market price is tax deductible.
You can also choose to put a “Add-On” onto a seller’s auction animal. For this, you just select the student you wish to support and the amount you wish to add to the price of the animal. You do not need to be present at the time of that students sale to place an add-on.

FFA Members Selling at The County Fair

As FFA Members write their buyers letter, they will be posted here for you to view. Check back as time gets closer to the fair to view the students’ buyers letters!